What does Marnus Roothman offer the discerning client in the line of entertainment?

  • High class entertainment and music to take people through the whole spectrum of emotions – from melancholy and reflective, to happy and jolly – in impeccable style and good taste, without compromising moral standards, or being “common”.
  • Top class wedding and function piano background music.
  • One-Man Band performances to turn Baby Boomers into teenagers again – and teenagers into raving sixties, seventies and eighties fans.
  • Two one man cabaret shows available – one English or mixed; one Afrikaans.

  • Two CDs available – one a solo piano performance highlighting the wide variety of styles and moods Marnus can entice from the piano; the other a One-Man Band performance featuring exclusively his own songs in English and Afrikaans, that has already been hailed as a new breakthrough in the sound and style of especially Afrikaans music.

Contact marnus @ 079 634 1340 or marnusr@gmail.com

In his music, Marnus subscribes to the famous remark made by Ludwig von Beethoven:

“To play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable!”

About his CDs

I am what is known as a “natural” pianist/musician – I had no formal training and cannot read music. When I was a member of the Alabama Music Group of the (then) University of Potchefstroom for CHE, many of my fellow-members tried to teach me how to read music, even just recognise beat and timing, and using the right finger for the right note – but they all gave up in despair!

One of the advantages of being totally “informal” is, of course, that every song I play is my own original interpretation – no “cover versions”. I play the piano because I have to – I could never cope with Life – both the bad and the good; the sorrow and the joy – without the emotional outlet of pouring all my heartache, sorrow, reverie or joy into my music. I sincerely hope that you will also “feel” it, that it will touch your heart as well – and provide you with the same joy, peace, reflection and reverie it gives me.

In my younger days I have kept myself alive all over the world by playing the piano in pubs and restaurants – some quite grand, and some quite seedy; but all together providing me with unforgettable memories. In South Africa, I have played at venues like the State Theatre Restaurant (6 years) and Palace of the Lost City (2 years).

In High School I had a Woodwork teacher, Adri Booysen, who against all the odds persevered and managed to teach me some of the basic principles and techniques of syncopation – tenths and reverse tenths with the left hand; majors, minors, sevenths, sixths, augmented chords and the like. I am eternally grateful to him for biting the bullet and giving me some foundation that I could build on.

Marnus Magic

is a solo piano performance that aptly demonstrates Marnus’ versatility regarding moods and styles, as can be seen from the CD’s content: Don’t cry for me Argentina, Killing me Softly, The Great Pretender, Hey Jude, Raindrops keep falling on my Head, Theme from The Godfather, The Entertainer, Lara’s Theme, What a Wonderful World, Rhinestone Cowboy, If I were a Rich Man, Send in the Clowns, Take Five, Misty, April in Portugal, Making Whoopy, Michelle, The Lady in Red, Pink Panther Theme, The Three Bells, Blueberry Hill, Piano Man, Loving You, Last Date.

The CD sells for R100 (VAT not applicable)

Palace of the Lost City

Lief Songkies / Love Songs

features Marnus’ own music and lyrics.

The play list comprises 9 Afrikaans and 7 English songs:

  • Die Mooiste Blom – Musiek en Liriek: Marnus Roothman
  • Droomvlinder – Musiek en Liriek: Marnus Roothman
  • Feestyd Alleen – Musiek en Liriek: Marnus Roothman
  • Klein Prinsessie – Musiek en Liriek: Marnus Roothman
  • Kyk na My – Musiek en Liriek: Marnus Roothman
  • Leonie – Musiek en Liriek: Marnus Roothman
  • Nat en Sap – A G Visser. Verwerking en toonsetting: Marnus Roothman
  • Diep Rivier – Eugene Marais. Verwerking en toonsetting: Marnus Roothman
  • Herinneringe aan ‘n Sonkersfees – Musiek: Dreaming of a White Christmas; Liriek: Marnus Roothman
  • Dream Girl – Musiek en Liriek: Marnus Roothman
  • Forever Together – Musiek en Liriek: Marnus Roothman
  • Dream Celebration – Henriette van der Linde. Verwerking en toonsetting: Marnus Roothman
  • Man-eating Woman – Musiek en Liriek: Marnus Roothman
  • Night – Musiek en Liriek: Marnus Roothman
  • Baby Lisa – Musiek en Liriek: Marnus Roothman
  • Cold Heart - Musiek en Liriek: Marnus Roothman

Dit is wat Marnus self sê oor hierdie CD:

“Alles op die CD (musiek en liriek) is deur my geskryf, behalwe:

Herinnerings aan ‘n Sonkersfees (dis op die wysie van Dreaming of a White Christmas – vir die ex-pats in die koue Noorde wat oor Kerstyd so na ons sonland verlang); Diep Rivier is ‘n verwerking en toonsetting van ‘n gedig van Eugene Marais – ek het met groot agting en bewondering probeer om die emosies vas te vang van hierdie komplekse, begaafde digter; Nat en Sap is ‘n verwerking en toonsetting van ‘n gediggie deur A G Visser; en Dream Celebration is ‘n verwerking en toonsetting van ‘n gedig deur Henriette van der Linde.

Dis ‘n One Man Band projek – ‘n antieke keyboard, digitale klavier en ‘n klankstelsel (vir die unplugged Leonie songkie het ek ‘n regte klavier gebruik). Geen backtracks. Geen dubbing. Geen doowah doedies. Eerlike musiek wat ek Afrikaanse (en Engelse) jazz noem. Maar jy kan dit noem wat jy wil (selfs str**t), ek sal nie geaffronteerd voel nie. Ek het geen illusies oor my stem nie en sal dit as ‘n kompliment beskou as groot name met groot stemme van my songkies opneem/gebruik in live shows (die tantieme sal ook welkom wees!). Party songkies is oor fiktiewe meisies; enkeles is oor die jare vir werklike meisies geskryf. Maar 7 songkies (4 Afrikaans en 3 Engels) is vir Die Een Vrou geskryf (ook al die strofes wat by ‘ou’ songkies gevoeg is). Dalk kom sy tot insig en besef ons is bedoel om ons lewens te deel. Maar selfs al breek sy nooit uit haar eng comfort zone nie, sal sy vir altyd op ‘n baie spesiale manier net aan my behoort – en ek aan haar.

Dankie Daan (Daan Roux Studio 082 453 1907) vir jou eindelose geduld en insette met die opnames, redigering en duplisering; en Chrisna (Desertmoon Exposure Graphics 012 333 8792) vir die omslag en CD aansig ontwerpe.”

Die CD verkoop vir R100 (BTW nie van toepassing)


Marnus also has a compilation of his love poems, Marnuette, available (89 poems – English and Afrikaans). Can also be ordered via the website at R90 per copy.

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